Heyyyy, y’all!

Wow, what a crazy few days into 2018 it’s been! Aside from the gratitude and love I’ve been feeling from my readers, fambam, and friends, I actually received a super derogatory comment that was left on my last blog post. Crazy that it was all about letting it go and letting it flow and positivity, right?

Basically, and I didn’t want to bring light to it, but I feel that it’s important to do so, ’cause as I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: if you don’t have haters, you’re not doing something right! But, basically, this person (assumedly a fake name and email — Zebidiah Gomez — insinuated that I was an alcoholic and that he or she hoped my students’ parents would come across my blog and see that I have a problem.

I’m literally giggling as I write this.

How ridiculous, no?

Anyways, I screenshot it and sent it to my family and we all laughed, especially after I did a reverse look-up on Google…heh, heh 😉

But, I gotta tell ya, loves, this shit is normal. I’m just like you. We all deal with haters and the crap that they will try and throw at ya, but the best revenge (other than Google being the glorious beast that it is), is allowing myself to feel, laugh about it and be open, and let that shit go.

And with that, loves, let’s talk SUPPLEMENTS and what I’m currently obsessed with!

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We all know that one person who, ya know, may have been your friend for a while–hell, may have even been your friend since birth, but something shifted or subtly changed? Do you feel the need to keep clinging to a friendship that is slowly taking on water like the Titanic? Do you feel guilty sticking up for yourself and finding your voice?

If you’re feeling some kind of way, I’ve got some advice for you. Read on, loves!

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