Heyyyy, y’all!

Wow, what a crazy few days into 2018 it’s been! Aside from the gratitude and love I’ve been feeling from my readers, fambam, and friends, I actually received a super derogatory comment that was left on my last blog post. Crazy that it was all about letting it go and letting it flow and positivity, right?

Basically, and I didn’t want to bring light to it, but I feel that it’s important to do so, ’cause as I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: if you don’t have haters, you’re not doing something right! But, basically, this person (assumedly a fake name and email — Zebidiah Gomez — insinuated that I was an alcoholic and that he or she hoped my students’ parents would come across my blog and see that I have a problem.

I’m literally giggling as I write this.

How ridiculous, no?

Anyways, I screenshot it and sent it to my family and we all laughed, especially after I did a reverse look-up on Google…heh, heh 😉

But, I gotta tell ya, loves, this shit is normal. I’m just like you. We all deal with haters and the crap that they will try and throw at ya, but the best revenge (other than Google being the glorious beast that it is), is allowing myself to feel, laugh about it and be open, and let that shit go.

And with that, loves, let’s talk SUPPLEMENTS and what I’m currently obsessed with!




I literally thank the Gods above that I came across Lauryn Evarts’ blog,, a few years ago because let me tell you, she is one class-act, super-woman, badass who has all the best tips and tricks for health, beauty, wellness, and so much moreeee (and we are now following each other on Insta and I think I died a little). She recommended Natural Vitality Natural Calm Drink and I can tell you, loves, this shit works. I vowed to myself that I would gradually stop my anti-anxiety meds that I had been taking six months ago and with this, just a teaspoon and 8oz of water, a night has worked it’s effin’ magic on me! Now, I’m no doctor. I’m just saying, there’s something about that extra boost of magnesium that’s been helping for the last six months. I love it! Click here if you wanna snag some for yourself if you need a little break from your day-to-day stress!




I randomly wandered into a GNC in my neighborhood around this time last year and I asked the girl behind the counter to help a sistah out. I was feeling like my workouts were going nowhere, I was super tired all the time, and I was nodding off at my desk (before I was a teacher–for all y’all haterz out there). This girl led me over to the BPI section of the store and I picked up this little badass. BPI Sports Best BCAA W/Energy boostsssss this little lady up, especially because I take it in the AM on an empty stomach. It helps give me a boost, gives me that mental clarity I sometimes often need in the morning, and it tastes gooood. I am so not a fan of any of those chalky or over-sugary, fake-flavored crap you can pick up literally anywhere for cheap. It’s your body, loves! This is just another way I treat it good from the inside out! Click here if you’d like to check some out for yourself! Bomb-Pop is my fave flavor!!!




Holy balls, y’all. To make you feel like a queen (bee), sometimes, ya gotta eat like one, too. And this little guy right here, lemme tell ya, it’s SOOO SOOO GOOD. I use it in EVERYTHING. I mix a tablespoon of it with a tablespoon of chia seeds and have a scoopy-scoop of coconut oil with it in the morning to fill me up and get my insides movin’ and grovin’. Recently, I added a tablespoon of it to my all-berry smoothie with unsweetened almond milk and omg it’s so devine. It’s like treating yourself with a little added sweetness without the guilt! It’s packed with B-12 and amino acids, and we all know how those two do a body good! If you’re super curious, go ahead and click here to purchase some for yourself, or head to your local Whole Foods or Sprouts! YUM.




So, I used to make my own crazy concoction of this on my own, but I recently found it all pre-mixed and ready to go and lemme tell ya, it’s delishhhh. It’s a blend of turmeric, dates, and herbs (like ashwagandha–great for anxiety) and all ya gotta do is warm up some unsweetened vanilla almond milk or unsweetened coconut milk, stir in a teaspoon, let it cool off a smidge (this is always a problem for me–to damn impatient lol), and enjoyyyy. This + journaling nightly has been clutch. Plus, like any normal human, I always feel like I have a zillion thoughts running through my head at night, so starting with a big glass of water and Calm (as mentioned above), and then capping the night off with this while I snuggle and write in bed, is legit the perf combo for me. Clicky-click right here if you wanna snag some and relaxxxxx.


So, loves, let me know in the comment section below or on my latest Insta post what supplements or daily vitamins and whatnot you take on the reg! I wanna know. I will stalk you until you tell me. I’m weird like that. Obssessed. Ladies and gents, share the beauty and wellness WEALTH! 😉

And, as always, haters are going to be there to hate, hate, hate. And like my fave Lauryn Evarts told me the other night: Don’t bring any light to it. No energy. Nothing.

And with that, no more energy for the hate. Only allowing the good vibes in!

Namaste, loves! Share your supplements with meeeee. Pretty please. I’ll love you forever.


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XOXO, lo♥

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