• Hellllloooooooooo, 2018 •

New Year, New Lo! Or as I put it last year, New Year, Same-ish Me?

Am I drunk? I think that was the title of my very first post on…regardless, I am back in action, y’all! If you saw my latest Insta post, I’ve been jonesing for some blogging and I can’t wait to share my ideas, thoughts, fails, and triumphs of this past year and what my intentions are for this year!

…are you ready for it?


So, as you all can see from my homepage, the site is under a lil’ construction. It needed a facelift and definitely fits the vibes that I am attempting to put out into the Universe.

Ah, 2018–I see you.

I can literally feel the vibration pulsing through me as I sit and type this. But, as I sit and pound on the keyboard, chugging water (64oz a day, baby!), I can’t help but hear the voices of doubt throwing stones at me in the back of my mind.

Are you even legit? Is this a real blog? Is your book even good? Two people didn’t like it on Amazon. You’re not talented enough to do this. Stick to what you know. No one reads this anyways…

UGH. I cringe as I even type the words out, but that’s the point: this is a safe place for me to be real and honest with y’all, face my fears, and keep on keeping on. I read somewhere today that fear is nothing but an opportunity for the fierce betch that you are to be courageous, look fear right in the eye, and say, “F*ck Off!“. Or, maybe I said that. Who knows…I’m currently detoxing all the alcohol out of my system from my last couple of days in Cabo San Lucas (but that’s a post for another time, loves!).

Regardless of the self-doubt (and alcohol) I am trying to detox from my life, I will nevertheless continue on. Real talk, loves: if you have haters, you’re doing something right.

I see people watching my Insta-Stories every day whom I haven’t spoken to in years–literally people who have professed that they don’t like me, yet there they are, looking me up in the search bar and watching tidbits from my daily life. I see the two 1-Star reviews on Amazons from a guy I have never met and who has never written a book in his life and the other from an anonymous source and although they bother me, I won’t let them bring me down.

The town I live in is small, too, so naturally, whenever I seem to get brought up in negative conversation, whether it’s about blogging or my make-up or whatever the hell people decide is wrong with me that day, I always hear about it.

So, I’m making it a goal this year (remember, goals, not resolutions, loves) to allow myself to embrace these feelings, understand that haters are always going to be lurking and projecting their self-doubt and negative attitudes onto me, and let it goooo.

Seems simple enough, no?

Twenty minutes ago I would have said, “Helllll noooo!” and poured myself a pity-party glass of wine, but I allowed myself to feel, understand where the self-doubt is coming from, and let it go.

Am I going to stop writing? Nope.

Am I going to stop blogging? Nope.

Am I going to live in Fear Town, Population: Lo? Hellll-to-the-Nope.

So I am going to share with y’all my intentions and goals for the year in hopes that I can share some realness, inspire you to join me on this new journey, and make sure y’all keep me in check so no one catches me pulling the plug and running for the hills!


• GOALS FOR 2018 •

  1. Let it Go, Let it Flow — Exhale the bullshit, inhale the good shit, and by good shit, I mean all the positive vibes the Universe is sending my way. Whether that means listening to a bitchin’ podcast while I do my make-up to start the day, ignoring the negative self-talk and embracing the positive quirks I have, realizing that people are always going to have something to say about your looks, your writing, your blog, etc., I will be open with myself and allow myself to feel it all instead of blocking it and allowing it to fester inside of me. Flow with it, loves!
  2. Healthy Mind, Healthy Life, Healthy Wife — Of course, how you think and operate isn’t just about what’s going on inside that beautiful head of yours, but it’s also about what ya put in your mouth (I am restraining from making a terrible pun here…). As I’ve mentioned before, I am always trying new products, from collagen to probiotics and bee pollen, to give me that extra boost of goodness from the inside out. Also, I am fully-committing myself to eating in accordance with a Pescatarian lifestyle (like Vegetarian, only you can eat fish). I posted about this before, but fell off the wagon a bit. Naturally, I’d love to be Vegan again, so it’s all about baby steps for me. And of course, I am rocking my Fitbit, tracking my steps, walking little Syn more, vowing to move daily, yoga on the weekends, 64oz or more of water a day, sip on some BCAA’s, and alll that good shizz. I’ll be posting soon about the supplements I take on the reg, loves, so stay tuned.
  3. Embrace Yourself! — This, right here, ladies and gents, is my final goal for the year. I’ve got big hair. I loveeee make-up. I want to drown myself in self-care and love. And I want to be more present in every moment, every second, every little and big miracle that can and will be coming my way. I can just feel it. I plan on journaling more before I fall asleep. Phone’s off and away by 10PM. Meditate in the AM. Read more (because I love my Amazon Fire Pad). Be open to spontaneity. Let my hair down naturally. Less hairspray (hmmmm…might not happen overnight, but we’ll see!). Put it out into the Universe that a bid will be accepted on a house for the Hubs and I. Keep hustling and writing. Embrace myself for all of my weirdness, my joys…accept the failures that will come and learn from them. Make sure my students know that I love them and care for them and their education. Basically, being the best damn version of myself each and every damn day. I can do this. We can do this, loves!

2018 — you’re alllll mine.


And that’s it, loves! Let me know in the comments or on my latest post on Insta (@lovalenzaaa) what you want to know more about! Health? Wellness? Fitness? Beauty tips + tricks? Goals? Daily life? Writing? All things XXII? The sequel, XXIII? Let me know and let’s get at this!

I’m here for you. Let’s discuss!


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XOXO, lo♥

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