Gooooooood Morning, My Lovely Humans!

Are you draggin’ ass in the AM?! Do you feel like a tired old rag just dangling in the wind? Or do you get so wrapped up in checking every damn email and FB notification and Insta like that you look up and you’re now 45 minutes behind schedule?!

If you’re anything like me, read on. I gotchuuuu, boo-boo.




A Cup Of Coffee, Coffee, The Drink

As soon as I wake up, before I even wash my face or shakily place my daily contacts onto my eyeballz, I hobble into the kitchen and turn on my trusty Keurig. Then I make my way blindly into the bathroom to attempt and freshen this old, 26-year-old face up (more on that below, loves).

After a few minutes of pampering my skin, I trudge back into the kitchen, grab an organic medium roast pod (I loveeee these), pop it in, and stick my face close to the dispenser and get high on the smell of some hot, delishhh coffee that begins to trickle out.

OKAY, I’m not that much of a psycho, but this girl loves her coffee, so naturally, I’m always finding ways to up my coffee game. I’ve tried Bulletproof Coffee (grassfed butter + coconut or MCT oil) flavored almond milk creamers, organic creamers, iced coffee, etc., but recently I’ve been obsessed with a little diddy I made up myself.

-Lo’s Loving Some Biscotti Coffee-

You’ll Need: one K-Cup of organic medium roast coffee (or something you like–preferably not flavored–also, doesn’t have to come from a Keurig!), 4 tablespoons of Almond Milk Vanilla Creamer (try this one), 3 drops of Pure Almond Extract (this is the one I use), and 3 drops of Liquid Stevia (like this one).

Optionallll — dissolvable Collagen Peptides (you can find it in this video here that I made!)…so gooood for you, inside and out!


  1. Pop the pod in and brewwww away!
  2. Once done, add all ingredients listed above, in no particular order.
  3. Blend by spoon, or if you have one of those handy, baby mixers, you can use that, too.

I don’t know why this reminds me of a biscotti, but it sure as hell does. If it tastes different to you, let me know! Or, if you have a go-to coffee concoction, SHARE WITH YA GIRL.


Rain, Sunglasses, Bathroom, Drops

After getting the Keurig turned on (I don’t know why but I can’t stop giggling like an idiot at that thought–Ohhh, you like that pod, don’t ya? DON’T YA?! Brewwww babaaayyy, BREWWW), and after popping in my contacts, I get started right away on attacking this face of mine.

Going to sound bizarre, and maybe I’m getting used to the fact that I am a total weirdo, but I have an ice-roller. Yes, inspired by the lovely Lauryn Evarts of theskinnyconfidential.com, I snagged one of these the second she recommended it.

Fighting inflammation and red, scarred skin (oh, and basically freezing my wrinkles smoothly back into place), I cleanse my face first with this, then I ice-roll for a few minutes or until the roller goes back to room temperature. I read somewhere that when rolling, you only use up-strokes, so I am always moving up my face (think jaw to temple, brow bone to top of the head, tip of nose to forehead, etc.), so that’s just how I roll (INSERT PATHETIC SNORT HERE AT MY PUN ATTEMPT).

Nice and chilled the f out, I then apply firming cream under and around my eyes and on my forehead and let it soak in while I make my coffee. This is a classic cream for me, but after letting it soak, I use a face-wipe (this one smells insanely gooood and makes my skin feel lovely AF) to gently get it off before priming my face. If I leave it on, it gets oily and my naturally shiny Italian skin ain’t got time for that.


Breakfast, Oatmeal, Walnuts, Blueberries

Normally, I hit snooze on my alarm wayyy too many times to enjoy a sit-down breakfast, so I’m always thinking of ways to enjoy something on the go or that I can eat quickly as soon as I get into the classroom.

BUT, when I get a chance, and after prepping it the night before, I LOVE to sit down with a Steven King novel (just finished reading IT and let me tell you–the movie was phenomenal–the BOOK WAS AMAZEEE), a spoon, and my fabulous (and fit) Overnight Oats!

-Lo’s Loving Some Overnight Oats-

You’ll Need: 1/2 cup Steel-Cut Oats, 1/4 cup Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk, 1/4 cup Vanilla Greek Yogurt (pick a brand with the lowest carbs possible) a handful of Blueberries, and a handful of Pomegranate seeds (so effin’ good!).

Optionallll — a teaspoon of Chia seeds (I use these), or Flaxseeds if you’re into that, or even Hemp seed! THEY’RE ALL SUPERFOODS AND ARE SO BOMBBB.


  1. In an air-tight container, like a Ziploc one or a Rubbermaid one, add the oats, almond milk, and greek yogurt. Stir it up!
  2. Then, add your fruits (and you can experiment with a variety of kinds if ya like) and stir them in gently so they don’t burst. If you want, toss in your optional add-ons now, too, and stir gently.
  3. Seal it tight and leave in the fridge overnight and enjoyyyy in the morning!

A little under 300 calories, that ain’t too shabby for a morning meal that will keep you full for hours. I love it. You’ll love it. And if you have your own recipe, shoot it to me on Twitter or hit me up in the comment section below, loves!


Finger, Keep, Meditate, Hand

While the hubs is asleep (our schedules are so whack haha), I’ll make sure his eyes are covered so he can catch a few more zzz‘s, turn on the light, sit criss-crossed on my hardwood floor in front of my mirrored closet, and commence my make-up ritual, or process.

Once I get my powder set and the acne scars covered (should I do a full post on my make-up routine?!), I then slip an earbud in while I work on my eye make-up and turn on one of two of my faveee meditation apps, Stop, Breathe, and Think or Headspace.

Depending on your preference, both apps work super well, are calming and centered, and don’t throw a bunch of frilly things in your face, like, “Pretend you’re a leaping leopard, breathing into your spots and exhaling towards your prey!”

Not that it couldn’t work–that type of meditation just doesn’t work for me! There are sessions for anxiety, feeling overwhelmed, guided gratitude, and love for others. You can also vary the session time depending on how long you have to zen the f out. For me, putting on make-up is second nature–I could literally do it with my eyes closed (though I would look like shittttt). So I can easily zone out, focus on my breathing, listen to the voice in my earbud, and knockout my eyeliner within a few minutes.

I love meditating. That shiz ain’t easy though, so it may take a few times to really chill the inner voices in your head and focus on the goodness that’s brewing inside of you. You can do it–trust, loves, trust! Plus, it’s a super awesome way to center yourself before a big day ahead, quell any worries, get your glow on, and seize the day.


Smartphone, Cellphone, Apple I Phone

This is one thing I have to work on constantly: getting sidetracked by social media in the morning. After I’m done with meditating, my make-up is semi-decent, and I’m full of coffee and overnight oats, I’ll hop on my phone to check work emails. But emails turn into notifications, which turn into Facebook scrolling and Instagram tapping, seeing my reach on my videos, if I’ve sold any books, etc., etc., etc……..

And then I’ll check the time and see that maybe 20-30 minutes have gone by when I should have been doing my damn hair! I’m like, whaaaatttt?!

So I’ve made it a vow to only check work emails in the morning. That makes the most sense to me. Then, I can save all the fun stuff for later, like at break or lunch during the school day. It’s been tough…and lately I’ve just been allowing myself to take a quick peek at Instagram and emails and even then I’ve still been getting distracted.

I know this is something I struggle with and I was wondering if any of y’all struggle, too?! Is it just little old me over here? Can I see a show of hands?! Just me? Okay….cooooool. Let me know in the comment section below if ya feel the struggle, loves!


Soooo ladies and gents, those are my fire tips to help getcha outta bed, tummy full, cafeinated, and ready to pounce on the day like the little leopard you are!


Again, let me know down below if you have tried any of my tips, if you have any to share, and how you deal with social media in the morning! TELL ME STUFF AND THINGS AND I’LL LOVE YOU FOREVER.


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3 thoughts on “5 TIPS FOR A BETTER MORNING!

  1. Yessssss!!!! I barely open my eyes and I go straight to Facebook!!! I try and act like it’s helping me ease into actually being awake, but before you know it, it’s 7:15 and I’m getting in the shower waaaaayyyy to late. Then I’m rushing to get outta the house! Best thing I ever did though, was making sure my son knew how to work the Keurig. He’s got my coffee down like a champ 😉 love him!! As always, you’re hilarious!


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