Yes, my lovely humans, I, Lo Valenza, am on YouTube.

And if you don’t know, now you know.


I’ve been a member of the YouTube community for about a year or so now, and with one VidCon experience under my belt, I can gladly tell ya that I’ll be posting more videos, that’s fo shoooooo.

And I’m pleased to inform y’all that I have just launched a brand new segment called “WHINE WEDNESDAY’S” in which I tell ya what I love, what I hate, what’s buggin’, and everything in between.

This week, of course, I am launching this new segment with some major love vibes for my novel, XXII!!!!!!

So, my loves, please head over to to see me in person (if you never have before), to enjoy the video (because I know you will), and make sure to like, share, and subscribe to stay in the loop (because all the kool kidz are doin’ it, duhhh)!!!

Of course, if you do intend to give me a follow, you’ll be privy to more behind the scenes scoop and whatnot about myself, my life, XXII and XXIII, the sequel, and sooooo much more!!!

I truly hope y’all love my new video and stay tuned for what I could possibly love–or hate–next week!!!




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XOXO, lo♥


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