Ahhh, the nostalgic feels.

The rose gold and champagne accents…the naked cake (Google it, perverts)…the first kiss after being declared husband and wife by your bad-ass godfather…

Pure blissss.

At approximately 5:46pm on June 11, 2016, the hubs and I began our freshman year of marriage and what a year it’s been!

And for my #bff, Mrs. Natalie Mauro, her freshman year began about a month prior to mine!

So with love in the air and memories popping up joyfully on our Facebook notifications, I decided to bug her with a series of questions totally unrelated to my health because a.) she’s the best nurse in the world, duh, and b.) because I’m a terrible hypochondriac and pester her when I have a sore throat or when I think I have a stomach ulcer, etc. #dontjudge

Enjoy our reminiscings, loves, and welcome to our freshman year!


What Has Brought You Closer Together This Year?

Natalie: “I think just doing everyday things with my husband has brought us closer together. Going to the grocery store together and then coming home and cooking dinner with each other is so fun (we get to learn who the real cook is, lol). Sometimes conflict will come up and as a couple, we have to figure it out together. I feel closer to my husband after we work together to resolve the issue.”

Lo: “I’d have to agree–just doing average things, from chores to cooking to taking care of Syn and legit–even cleaning our room is fun. It creates a balance and sets the tone for the rest of our lives together. Although, he has tried to fold our clothes without me and I ended up going over it and doing it again because I’m a freak! But yeah, I love the easiness of our love. Bonding and hustling and saving for our future and finding joy in every day together have most def brought us closer for sure.”

What’s Your Favorite Memory Of This First Year Together?

N: “Hands down, my favorite memory with my husband was our first anniversary where we traveled to Paso Robles in Northern California. He used to live in Atascadero, so on our way up we pulled over and he showed me the house he grew up in and the school he went to. It was so cute to see the little town he lived in and it made me understand why my husband is the way he is today. It was the perfect way to start our trip. And the wine was great, too!”

L: “Girl, I feel ya! I’ll be doing a post after this one talking all about our anniversary trip to Seattle! As for my faves, I’d have to say it was the little milestones for me: changing my last name on all of my social medias, celebrating the holidays as a married couple, taking our first Christmas card pictures together, dreaming of our future kids and wondering if they’ll love volleyball or soccer or Avenged Sevenfold and Lady Gaga as much as we do–to name a few. I love looking back on all of our ‘firsts’ this year!”

What Has Surprised You The Most About Being Married?

N: “Being married has made me realize that communication is so important. Whether you are having a disagreement or just talking about plans for the weekend, you always need to communicate. It hasn’t always been my strong point–I tend to keep things in and not talk about them, but my husband always has a way of making me feel comfortable and able to say what I am feeling. I know you get the same way!”

L: “Yes, ma’am! That’s def been a learning point for me this year. The hubs knows when something is wrong because I immediately freeze up and get quiet and won’t say what’s bothering me. And half the time, it’s not even because of something we may be disagreeing over! It’s my social anxiety, I tell ya! But he’s always patient with me and makes me feel important and able to share how I feel and I have to tell you, a year later I am soooo much better at saying how I feel. It makes this easier for us when it comes to a disagreement or scheduling or whatever it is we’re discussing. Our communication has only strengthened over the year and that has been so helpful with our crazy schedules!”

What Have You Learned From Your Spouse This Year?

N: “Over this past year, I have learned to be more patient. I get so worked up over something that I sometimes don’t even have control over and he helps me to relax and be patient. He reassures me that everything will work out the way it’s supposed to. It’s so nice to have someone who can ease my nerves and make me feel calmer! His personality and who he is has taught me so much about myself and our dynamic and has only made me love him more.”

L: “Hmm, I’d have to say that I’ve learned to become more patient, like you, and more willing to go with the flow. It’s a daily battle for me to overcome some of my anxieties and to relax more. His personality has allowed me to open myself up to more courageous opportunities, like launching XXII. I don’t think I would have ever really done it for fear of being judged, but he has been my rock this entire time and has held my hand and supported me from the very beginning. I can only imagine what this next year will be like for us!”

What Is A BONUS Quality You Noticed In Your Spouse That You Didn’t Know About Before Marriage?

N: “A quality that my husband has that I didn’t know about before we got married is strength. He is my rock when I am at my weakest moments and he helps me push through. He is always there to listen to me even if he doesn’t have an answer, which I have learned to realize is a great thing–sometimes, I don’t need answers, I just need him. He is my best friend and makes laugh daily. I couldn’t go through this life without him and I’m so lucky that we’ve found two amazing ones!”

L:Girrrrrrrlllll, amen! I completely agree. They’re the bestest! Okay, hmmm, I’d have to say that a quality that the hubs has that I may not have known about before is his perseverance. He put himself through school to get his certifications. He pursued and attained a new job that he’s thriving at. He hustles and Ubers late at night. All of it–all that he does is for us and our little Syn and I love him so much and appreciate all he does. We both hustle and work for the greater goals that we have together, and I knew that drive existed deep inside of him, but being married has brought out this amazing quality even more than before! I can’t wait to see where this adventure takes us!”

N: “Same here, girl! Same here! So, double date Saturday?!”

L: “Sounds good, boo boo.”


Well, there you have it, folks! I absolutely loved reminiscing on our fist year of marriage and I know my girl Nat did, too! A huge thank you to her for finding the time to answer these questions with me! Now, where did my list of health concerns go? 😉

A quick note: I have sooo much to share with y’all about our anniversary trip to Seattle and my weekend spent at VidCon2017!!! Both of these milestones we’re amazeee and I can’t wait to share with y’all my experiences!

ALSO, I will be recording a brand new video on my YouTube channel for a segment called Whine Wednesday’s! I’ll be drinking wine and kvetching about things I love, things that bug, and everything in between. And this Wednesday’s video will be about something I love very much: MY NOVEL, XXII!!!!!!!!!

So stay tuned! Make sure you’re following me on all my social media platforms! I just recently ditched SnapChat, so make sure to be catching up on my day-to-day festivities via Instagram!

I seriously LOVE. YOU. ALL.

Thank you for making this possible for me, always ♥


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