Ahhh, the nostalgic feels.

The rose gold and champagne accents…the naked cake (Google it, perverts)…the first kiss after being declared husband and wife by your bad-ass godfather…

Pure blissss.

At approximately 5:46pm on June 11, 2016, the hubs and I began our freshman year of marriage and what a year it’s been!

And for my #bff, Mrs. Natalie Mauro, her freshman year began about a month prior to mine!

So with love in the air and memories popping up joyfully on our Facebook notifications, I decided to bug her with a series of questions totally unrelated to my health because a.) she’s the best nurse in the world, duh, and b.) because I’m a terrible hypochondriac and pester her when I have a sore throat or when I think I have a stomach ulcer, etc. #dontjudge

Enjoy our reminiscings, loves, and welcome to our freshman year!

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