Yes, friends, XXII is about to be shipped out to 3 movie companies. And yes, I’m about to shit my pants from sheer anxiety and nerves.

I mean, why not, right? Life is too short. You never know who may pick it up and give it a chance. And if that doesn’t work, then I’m shipping them off to a few major publishing companies! And if any of you have any sort of advice when it comes to these hoops and jumping through them, I’d appreciate any and all assistance!!!

So, I decided on Relativity Media, Universal Studios, and Summit because 1.) Relativity Media typically makes emotional novels come to life in the most beautiful way (um, have you seen The Notebook?!), 2.) Universal is Universal and they just added The Wizarding World of Harry Potter to their Southern California Park and, may the wizards be ever on my side, I’m superstitious enough to believe that my love of all things Harry Potter-related could give me some leverage in the good karma department, and 3.) Summit made Twilight happen and a slew of other angsty young adult novels into movies (no matter if you think Kristen Stewart ruined the character of Bella or not), so I’m hoping that they could possibly take a chance on me.

You never know!

Ugh–the nerves though…but here’s my reasoning behind it all:

While writing XXII, I watched it play out in my head–often times reeling in emotion with my characters or crying or seeing it around my town–the sandwich shop and the spot on the beach where Hunter and Mads share some honey whiskey…it’s so real to me.

And with that being said, I’m sure if I even mention the words, “Thirteen Reasons”, you’ll resond with, “Why!” and tell me how amazing it is, regardless if I think it glorifies suicide as a means of revenge versus a staggering mental health disorder.

No matter how I feel about the Netflix show, suicide and mental health are finally more prevalent in our current social climate and world. It’s being explored and met with compassion. Around my job, the counselor has put up different posters with numbers to call or how to tell your parents you may need help. It’s shedding light on a topic that most people would rather sweep under the rug and blame it on weakness rather than having a disorder. They don’t understand. But somehow, I hope, they will if we keep talking about it.

So naturally, and I’ll say it now: ***SPOILERS AHEAD***, Mads internal and external struggle with wanting to disappear from Hunter’s life and attempting to do so and failing could be used as an example in today’s society and culture and to shed light on how she dealt with the fact that she couldn’t do it, no matter that she thought she did. Imagine for a second–put yourself in her shoes–you’re a nothing, you ruin things, you hate yourself, you fail when it comes to loving others and loving yourself, and you fail in your attempt to take your own life. Imagine how that could possibly feel…and if you’re curious enough to see how my character deals with it, then as always, links for purchase are down below.

But I believe this is a story that people need to see. They need to see her face. Hunter’s face. Their hands entwined. Mads drowning slowly in the Pacific. It deserves to be seen.

So it’s with high hopes, positive vibes, and hopefully good karma on my side that I sit at my desk and order three copies of my book and prepare myself for them to be put out in the world in a much broader scope and sense.

I hope they, and you, love it as much as I do. I hope they take a chance.

And I hope you do, too.


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XOXO, lo♥

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