Ahhhhh, the weekend.

Wait, wait, Lo, it’s only Thursday!



I am by no means trying to by-pass the awesomeness that is Thursday, but if y’all have been following me on social media (links below, loves), then you know where I’m heading to tonight:



But notttt in the way that you’d think!

You see, my best friend–no, pardon me–my sister, Natalie, generously offered for myself and the Hubs to stay with them this weekend in the scorching Coachella Valley, just two hours from home but far enough to feel like you’re in a whole other world.

The Hubs and I have been hustling away, saving–like we are always–doing for our future home, so we had no intentions of buying tickets and going, let alone trying to find a place to stay and all that jazz.

But Nat swoops in and was like, “You guys should come.” And I was like, “You sure?” And she was like, “Yeah!” And that pretty much sums up the convo.

JK, there was screaming and laughing and giggling and beer involved, but that’s too much for my tired brain to try and conjure up in the form of words right now.

So naturally, today is the beginning of a beautiful weekend. 🙂

This post, to me, seems to lean more towards a diary entry than a post about anything specific or peculiar…and definitely doesn’t involve my book–but, as a writer, my brain is in constant motion, absorbing and recording and rearranging and rewriting…weekend’s like these give me a moment to catch my breath, relax, and enjoy the moment.

And that’s the vibe I’ve been picking up on today. It’s jacked up my work performance because normally, I’m a stress-mess moving from task to task like that little Tasmanian Devil cartoon. But today, I’ve been stretching more. Relaxing into my chair a bit more. And, I’m super distracted thinking about all the tomfoolery that will ensue not only tonight, but the whole weekend. And between two bottles of champagne, orange juice, an industrial-sized Pinot Grigio, a 12-pack of Modelo, and a 12-pack of Blue Moon (and that only the necessities that we grabbed–I can only image what they’ve packed!), all I have on my mind is kicking off my work shoes, touching up my spray tan (which I handled all by myself last night as I stood shivering under my fan and spraying that liquid gold everywhere–inhaling more than what actually made it on my body), slipping into some short that haven’t seen the light of day since August, and hitting the road with the Hubs.

As I mentioned on my Instagram, I will be documenting the fun this weekend and blogging about it next week. Also, I plan on throwing a little freebie your way next week–another deleted scene from XXII, perhaps? –stay tuned to find out!

Next week I plan on breaking down what I packed, my travel essentials, bathing suits, food and alcohol, and of course, all the deets about this weekend that is literally about to begin for me in about 9 minutes…

Until next week, my loves ♥


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XOXO, lo♥


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