DUN-DUN-DUN…it’s happened, hasn’t it? Ideas ran dry? Hand cramp? Impatience?

Sounds like you got a bad case of the slumps: writing slumps!

Now, some of you may be sitting there, reading this, thinking: “Well, I don’t write. What does this have to do with me? Is Lo nuts? I can’t relate! Where’s her post about her April Target Box?!”

And I’m here to tell you: 1.) The Target post is coming, you animals, and 2.) YOU’RE WRONG.

Okay, okay…I know that sounded harsh. I’m not mad, really. But just read and nod along with me as you slowly put the pieces together and end up thanking me later… 😉 #yourewelcome


Naturally, this was found on Pinterest. Pinterest is LIFE



  • This may sound insanely counterproductive to writing (or whatever else you may be working hard on and finding yourself at a loss to do), but trustttttt me, it really isn’t.
  • Personally, when I’m in a slump, I’ll first head over to Pinterest and look up funny Someecards or a new recipe or inspo quotes and crafts…literally, anything just to take my mind off of my work.
  • Sometimes that works, but I find it really thrilling to simply get up and walk away…literally, shutting the laptop and walking away…it seems so dangerous or irresponsible. It’s gotta be all that Catholic guilt that I’m harboring. But I gotta say, walking away and getting lost in something else usually will snap me out of whatever funk or slump I’m in. And then I hustle back to work. For you, that could mean building something, an Excel spreadsheet at work, or whatever y’all are in a funk about! Just come back with a vengeance!
  • TIP: When you get back to your writing,  hit the return key a few times and give yourself some space to free-write or brainstorm a bit–a chance to get any residual feelings or ideas out. Then scroll back up and see what you can apply to your work!


  • And by reaper, I mean the glorious delete key, just a right pinky away, always. It’s my trusty friend whilst I write, chugging along and getting my thoughts down as fast as I can. But when I’m in a slump, and maybe in this particular situation the walking didn’t help, then I go back through the last few 100 or so words that I’ve written and I copy it. Then I’ll re-write by memory what I had in order to gain a new perspective on it or try taking it in a whole new direction or viewing it from a different angle.
  • Some of you may fear the delete key and that’s totes normal. But sometimes, your writing isn’t as great as you thought it was in that section. Or in your case, if you’re not writing, maybe a friend is dragging you down, or your inbox is full with Groupon advertisements, or you want to cut carbs…just delete ’em!
  • TIP: Again, there’s a sort of thrill to deleting. And trust me, I’ve learned my lesson and forgot to copy my previous work (or chapter, but that a story for another day). It sucks. Hard. But I’ve learned that if I didn’t like my writing, or if I even for a moment considered deleting a portion of it, then you, the reader, wouldn’t like it, either.
  • If you’re not writing, the delete button is your homie–your inner voice, per say. If your gut is telling you to trust your heart and go through with a little spring cleaning of your life or livelihood or lifestyle, then do it. Life is too short for shitty people, shitty wine, and shitty excuses.


  • I know that sounds delusional in the midst of a writing slump and possibly even a little self-serving, but for me, 2017 is the year of self-love.
  • There are countless times while writing that I doubt myself, I doubt the characters, my writing skill and style, if things are believable or not, and whether or not anyone would love my story and my characters as much as I do.
  • When first writing this novel, I knew it would never be with the intention for profit. I just wanted to write a book that I would enjoy reading, and writing this novel, XXII, and working on the sequel, XXIII, I do it for the pleasure that writing gives me. I don’t write for anyone but myself, honestly. And that sounds crazy, but if you don’t love what you do, then why the hell are you doing it?
  • So when you get into a slump and you feel like you should go back and delete every adverb or go back and change a characters name or that you are an awful writer for getting in a slump in the first place, then you need to stand up, delete the crap that’s bothering you, and go pour yourself a glass of Pinot Noir, drop a LUSH bath-bomb in a warm tub, and pamper yourself like the queen or king you are.
  • You’re a great writer. Your characters are great–you capture them quite well. The location is believable. Your grammar is great. Everything is great.
  • TIP: Writing shouldn’t cause you to be miserable or to follow some bullshit set of rules that were made much too long ago and that as desperate for change as you are to grab another glass of wine. It’s your craft; hone it.
  • And if you’re not writing, then this works for you too, my dears. You’re a god or a goddess in your own right and you own your craft, goddammit. Again, life is too short, so love what you do, do it with a passion that consumes you, and spread those positive vibes out into the world and it’ll come right back to you.


And that, my loves, is how I handle a mid-writing crisis. And I hope that at the end of this blog post, if you’re not a writer, that you’ve found solace in knowing that you’re not alone. Whether it’s a work-slump, a relationship-slump, a friendship-slump, a life-slump, or any sort of slump you find yourself sunk into, then I hope you know that you’re not alone. Writers go through this. Teachers go through this. Doctors, Janitors, Mom’s and Dad’s go through this. It’s called life. And now you’ve got three ways to overcome any sort of slump like the badass that you are!

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