I can’t believe it!!!!!!!

The night of the Release Party couldn’t have been more fun and rad AF.

I am so so so happy with the turnout:

  • So many new and familiar faces arrived and put a smile on my face; y’all are so enthusiastic about XXII and it made me so happy when strangers came up to me, curious about the book and willing to buy it!
  • At first, it was super awkward sitting at my table with my books neatly stacked and fresh Sharpies ready to be popped and used, but with every person who approached my table who wanted to buy the book or get theirs signed, my anxiety melted away and I grew so much more accustomed to signing a message from the heart and able to take pictures without looking scared. Or awkward. Or both. 😉
  • As you know, with every purchase of the paperback copy or with every signature for those who brought their book with them, I would donate $5 to Domenic Costa’s Honorary Mayor of San Pedro Campaign, and I have to say, I was able to donate hardcore to such a bombbbb cause!!!
  • Someone bought my book only because it starts with a quote from the great Charles Bukowski, so that was pretty friggin’ sweeeeet.
  • I sold out of my stock of books within the first hour of being there, so that gave me time to pass out my social media cards, interact with customers at the restaurant, and spend some fun time with family and friends. The band was great, super catchy and all that good jazz, and Domenic and his campaign team were able to raise a ton of money for his charities!!!
  • I felt like crying, yet again, in a good way. It was so surreal to have people come up, even people that I’ve known since childhood, and watch them hold my book in their hands and to talk about the writing process with them or listen to how they’ve always wanted to write a book, too. I hope that my weird-ass can serve as some sorta inspiration to them because if I can do it and self-publish and market myself, then so can they!!!
  • Some of my closest friends came to support me and I have to say, that made the night super special because I know how busy everyone can be at times and I understand that in this crazy-ass life, we’re constantly getting pulled in every different direction, but the fact that they came, and not only that, that they read my book, speaks volumes to me. To me, friends are an extension of my family and I will always cherish their support. It makes me all weepy and shit. Or maybe I’m just PMS-ing. Yikes.


Overall, it was an incredible first experience and I cannot wait to have another pop-up signing soon! And of course, make sure you’re following me on all my social media platforms to stay in the loop for the next event!

You all are gods and goddesses and I’m so happy that you are in my tribe. Keep on reading, y’all!

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XOXO, lo♥

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