As y’all may know, I’m a planner. I plan things. And I follow those plans in an organized manner…

So naturally, I’ve already set up a game plan pertaining as to how I will structure and complete XXIII, the sequel to XXII, as quickly as possible so that y’all can see what happens next!!!

But wait, if I write quickly, won’t I be compromising the quality of my work?

Hell no.

And you know why? Because I’m a planner. I plan things. And I follow those plans in an organized manner 😉

Basically, this is the game plan for XXIII:

  • Write 1,000 words a day or more (it’s doable, y’all!)
  • Or, write a chapter a day (if time permits)
  • After chapter is complete, I’ll be printing it out to scan for errors
  • With that printout, I will give myself a day to correct anything
  • Then, move on to the next chapter or the next 1,000 words!

I would like my tribe to be more involved with XXIII, so naturally, I’ll be sharing special tidbits, behind the scenes scoop, and keep you in the loop for appearances for XXII!!!

Appearances, you ask?

I am pleased to inform y’all, and if you signed up to be on my email list then you already know, but I am pleased to tell you that:

You have been cordially invited to my Official Release Party–For a Cause!!!

Yes, y’all heard me right: my Official Release Party for XXII will be part of a larger fundraiser! Whoooohoooo!!! Not only do I love writing, but if I can write for y’all and for a good cause, well shit, I’m in!

On March 14th, from 7-10pm at Ports O’ Call Waterfront Dining and Restaurant in San Pedro, CA, I will be celebrating the release of XXII! And not only that, I’ll also be selling signed paperback copies XXII for $15. Included in the $15 is a personalized signaturea picture with me, and with every purchase made, I will donate $5 of my own funds to Domenic Costa. Why him, you may ask, and who is he, you may be wondering? Let me break it down for you…

Domenic Costa is running for Honorary Mayor of San Pedro. Through donations and fundraisers, the money raised in his support will be evenly divided between his three charities: The Boys and Girls Club of San Pedro, San Pedro High School’s Football Program, and the Port of Los Angeles Charter High School!!!

So with every purchase, I will be donating $5 to his cause! And don’t think the fun stops there! Every $5 I donate via purchase of my paperback book, you will receive 5 raffle tickets to potentially win $1,000!!!!!!

Cool beans, right?

Come on down and celebrate with me! Have some champagne (if you’re of a legal age), enjoy some delishhh apps, dance to the band MLB, and snag a signed copy of XXII. And if you have already purchased your copy of XXII, come on down anyways and have some fun!!!

I can’t wait to see your lovely faces!

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XOXO, lo♥


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