Holy balls, y’all!

It’s almost Wednesday and you know what that means:


Say whaaaatt?!

You all have no idea how exciting and how nauseating this whole thing is. I literally held a hard copy of my book in my hands a few days ago and I was shaking the whole time. To feel, to truly hold onto my book, my novel…it’s so surreal.

Wednesday morning, I will be releasing the book on Amazon for purchase. I believe you all will be able to purchase it in a Kindle version, but I am doing more research as to if y’all will be able to buy hard copies yourself. I have access to ordering hard copies, so maybe you all will have access, too! I’ll get on that ASAP.

Also, I plan on doing weekly blogs on here to keep you posted on XXII‘s progress, any sort of fun details or if I’m going to have an actual release party or reading in the weeks to come, and how my next book is shaping up to be, how many words a day I plan on writing, and much more!

Yes, my new book following XXII is being drafted in my head as we speak and y’all, as I mentioned in Holy Balls, This Is Wild, these characters are developing in my head and they are screaming at me to be written. More on that to follow, loves. I’m excited.

But for now, I truly, truly hope and believe that you all will love XXII as much as I do. I can’t wait to release it into the universe and see how y’all enjoy it. Links for purchase will be available on the main page as soon as possible!!!

Can’t wait for Wednesday!!! WHOOOHOOOO!!!!!!

Follow this page, give me a follow on Instagram [@lovalenzaaa] or on Twitter [@life_withlauren], Facebook [] or even on Snapchat, if that’s what you’re into [lauren_costa42]! Give me a shoutout and tweet me! Can’t wait to share this novel with you all.

XOXO, lo♥


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