Have y’all caught on that I am an anxiety-ridden mess ninety-percent of the time?

I’m sure you have. And that’s okay; the first step is admitting you have a problem. So although I may be trying to lower my anxieties with self-care (helloooo, LUSH BATH BOMBBB), when it comes to me and my writing and particular head-space, I need a super-organized desk.

Cue Target, because when in doubt, Target is always there, like an Uber after a drunken night, or taco trucks and quesadillas after a drunken night, or mimosas during brunch after a drunken night…(speaking of problems…*COUGH*

After getting elevated to a new position at work, I knew I was going to be switching offices and that I would be getting a new desk (much bigger than the last one, thank god).

Sooooooo, with my sweet bonus, I hopped and skipped my way over to Target to splurge a little on some new desk gear.


On that organizing grindddd.




And dammit, I did good, for my standards, at least. I stuck with a classic gold theme, incorporating a positive spirit with some of my photos and luxe organization with my monthly planner and JoyBox Day Planner, which I mentioned in my first blog.

Adorbs, no?


I love to keep affirmations around me at all times. Whether it’s the background of my computer, cute cut-outs from Pinterest, or my all-time favorite “Nama’ Slay” (which helps me reaffirm that I can slay at whatever task I’m doing, but be mindful about it, to take a break when needed to stretch, or take an Instagram break to stalk your fave celebs, whatever will give you a break so you don’t overdo it and burn yourself out at your task), I am always surrounded with positivity and encouragement when my support team isn’t around.

So whether I’m in the office on the weekends editing and writing and slayinggg, or whether I am doing a damn good diligent job at work, I have a safe, calming space to focus, stay positive, and get my shit done!

Look at this stuff–isn’t it neat? Wouldn’t ya think my collection’s complete?


So y’all, that was the desk-scape I needed. You gotta do what works for you.

And speaking of doing things that I gotta do, if you’ve made it this far, HERE IS THE SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT I HINTED AT ON TWITTER AND FACEBOOK, LOVES!

Because she was the first badass subscriber to my website and my cause, MS. ALEXIS BRUSCHI, SOON TO BE MRS. JOEY DOMICOLI, WILL BE RECEIVING A PAPERBACK COPY OF MY NOVEL FOR FREEEEZZZYYYYYY!!!

Told ya there would be surprises in store 😉

So my lovelies, make sure to sign up if you still have not under the CONTACTS // section on the homepage for YOUR FREE COPY OF THE FIRST CHAPTER OF MY NOVEL, give me a follow on twitter @life_withlauren or hell, go ahead and follow me on Snapchat, too: lauren_costa42 for my daily shenanigans.

I love you all.


Bitchin’ Gold Stapler

Pretty Wood Letter Tray anddd Desk Organizer

Colored Pen Holder

Regular Pen Holder

[AUTHOR’S NOTE: Some items are currently unavailable, that’s why I couldn’t list them. Don’t hate me, k? ;)]

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