It’s been seven days into 2017 and I already feel more invigorated. And sore. Very sore.

I know you’re thinking, “Oh boy, she’s one of those people–the kind that join the gym, get bored, and end up polishing off a whole bottle of wine every Monday night when The Bachelor comes on.” But I’m not. I swear.

[Author’s Note: although I can polish off a bottle of wine…alone…I know it’s a hazard to my health and I don’t promote it. Unless you wanna go head to head. Then you’re going down.]

So, what I did this year was pick a word that I wanted to flow through my year with me. I chose MINDFULNESS. So, I want to be more mindful with what I eat, how I treat my body, how I talk to myself, how I work, how I love, how I spend and save money, and how I interact with my family.

Being more mindful at work, which is always a challenge for my near-constant, racing mind, was a big goal for me. So I hopped on Amazon because, duh, they have everything, and I found this handy desk planner by JoyBox where I get to write down what I’m grateful for each day, necessary things to get done, other things that need to get done but not as quickly, AND (bonussss), it has a place to write down what I ate, how much water I drink, and what workout I hope to accomplish.

So, BOOM, I was able to structure some of my goals and intentions for the year all within one super handy, super posh desk planner. Go ahead and click JoyBox Desk Planner to snag one for your lovely self. If you’re anything like me (super anxious, perfectionist tendencies, high levels of stress, hungry most of the time but eating clean, wondering what the hell workout I’m gonna do at the gym that I found on Pinterest kinda girl), then this planner is for youuuuuu.

If you wanna snag some more goodies to enhance your already awesome self, then follow this link (Shop Amazon – New Year New You) and buy away, darlings. Or put it in your cart and wait for your next paycheck to come. I do this. I do this often. Don’t judge me. #frugal2017

And y’all, if you haven’t done so already, make sure you sign up in the CONTACTS // section of the homepage to recieve a SUPA-FREE, SUPA-SEXY, SUPA-FRIGGIN’-WILD FIRST CHAPTER OF MY NOVEL.

Go do it. I know you’re curious. I would be, too.

XOXO, lo♥

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